Land Title Health Check

A land title free of obsolete recordings (easements, covenants) will be an attractive selling point to persons interested in your land.

GS Legal

GS Legal can do a full review of your land title and advise you on the estate and interests that burden your land. And with your involvement, we can determine whether there is scope to cancel any redundant interests under the law.

Why is it important to review your land title?
There are many reasons why it is important to perform a land title health check. From an owner/purchaser perspective, knowing with certainty the type of land estates and interests that benefit or burden the land is crucial when negotiating a sale/purchase price.

From the perspective of a person proposing to develop land, knowing whether a recorded interest will affect land development, and whether there are options available under the law to remove those obstacles, can be the difference between a good and bad development idea.

With the right strategic legal advice, this could pave the way for a land development that might not otherwise have been permitted.

How is it different to a regular due diligence?
When buying/selling, your legal practitioner will review the land title and the other documents attached to the Contract for Sale in the context of determining whether the vendor has complied with their statutory disclosure obligations, and will give you advice about what interests are recorded in the land register, and how those recorded interests benefit or burden the land.

With a land title health check, we will examine the affected interests that are recorded on the subject land title, and advise you on the legal possibilities to free the land from any or all of those interests.

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