Transactional and Advisory Services

At GS Legal, we offer transaction and advisory services in the following areas:

GS Legal
  • Applications for a possessory title
  • Applications to cancel abandoned easements
  • Applications to extinguish obsolete restrictive covenants
  • Caveats, and the Lapsing Notice process
  • Creating, varying, releasing an Easement, Restriction on the Use of
  • Land or Positive Covenant
  • Leases
  • Conveyancing (transfers of land)
  • Mortgages
  • Land dealings relating to Bankruptcy
  • Compulsory acquisition of land
  • Writs for the levy of property (enforcing judgment debts)
  • Transmission of land in deceased estates
  • Converting old system land to Torrens title
  • Applications to correct an error in the land Register
  • Applications to correct an error in a plan of survey
  • Water access licences
  • Land development work, including:
    • Section 88B instruments
    • Stratum subdivision and building management statements
    • Staged strata development and strata development contracts
      Subdividing part of a building for a strata scheme and strata management statements
    • By-laws
    • Leasehold strata schemes
    • Strata renewal

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