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Greg Stilianou is the principal lawyer at GS Legal.

Since his admission to practice as a legal practitioner on 26 August 2005, Greg has exclusively worked with the law relating to land and property. He has worked in private practice, Government and in-house corporate roles, and in February 2019 he decided to open his own practice.

Greg was a senior lawyer for the Registrar-General at Land and Property Information for over ten years, and he continued as a senior lawyer with NSW Land Registry Services when it took over the land titling and registry functions of the Registrar-General.

Greg has acquired twelve years of specialist knowledge and experience in land law, and is the author of “Land Titling Law and Practice in NSW”, a text book published by Thomson Reuters which features on many university text book lists as required reading, including the Property Law specialist accreditation program with the Law Society of NSW.

Greg has been the contributing author of the “Land Titles Office Practice” Thomson Reuters’ subscription service since April 2016, and he continues his passion for educating and teaching the legal profession as a lecturer at The College of Law (practical legal training and the applied law programs).

Greg strives to give accurate and technical legal advice that is practical and useful for legal practitioners. There isn’t a land dealing or plan that Greg hasn’t encountered, and since establishing his own practice, Greg focuses on delivering his insights into the requirements for achieving registration in the land Register to private clients and, on a consultancy basis, to other legal practitioners, conveyancers and surveyors. Greg facilitates transactions by providing:

  • special counsel on land titling due diligence
  • strategic advice about options available under the law that can achieve a particular objective in the land Register
  • strategic advice about the documents that are necessary to give effect to a land transaction
  • quality legal drafting of land transaction documentation
  • legal and practical insights on documents that are proposed to be lodged for registration
  • special insights into the development of land

Greg is passionate about providing his clients with excellent customer service. He understands meeting with a lawyer can be daunting, so with his approachable, easy going and pleasant demeanour, Greg will happily untangle your property issues, clarify your property rights and obligations, and strategise with you to achieve your best outcome.

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